Charit Creek Lodge

BIg South Fork National River & Recreation Area

Charit Creek Lodge is a rustic backcountry lodge located in Big South Fork, only accessible by hiking. biking or horseback. Catering to outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.




Q. What time zone is the lodge located?

A. The lodge is located in the Eastern Time Zone and operates as such. If you are traveling from a different time zone, please adjust your timepiece and schedule accordingly. Meals are served on Eastern Time!

Q. Can I drive my vehicle to the lodge for any reason?

A. Under NO circumstances can you drive a vehicle of any type & for any reason to the lodge.

Q.   Is there cell reception at the lodge or an emergency contact?

A.  There is very limited cellular reception at the lodge.  You may have 1 bar with Verizon, although there is a strong signal with most carriers in higher elevations such as the parking lot,  the Twin Arches & Charit Creek Overlook.   There is no emergency contact phone.

Q.  What is the hike like to get to the lodge?

A.  The hike is 1.1 miles to the lodge.  It is moderate to difficult depending on your fitness, due to the elevation climb on your way out.  The lodge is located on the valley floor, while the trailhead/parking lot is on the ridge top.  You will encounter one set of steep ladder type steps and a swinging bridge over Station Camp Creek.

Q.  How do I add additional items when creating a booking

A. Click on the "Add to Booking" button, you will be taken back to the reservation page. Select the appropriate tab and select next item.  Repeat as necessary.



Q.  How do I apply my gift certificate or cancellation credit?

A. Gift certificate codes or cancellation credits are located on the bottom of the pdf emailed to you. 

This code is then applied at check out:

Q.  If we are a small group, would we be sharing a cabin with strangers?

A. No, all reservations are for private accommodations for your specific group (NOT SHARED), full service or limited service.

Q. How do I check availability?

A.  Using our online reservation system.

Q. Is it possible to book a cabin and add guests later?

A.  Our policy is group booking.  Please make every effort to book your initial reservation as a complete group.  There is a $5 fee per guest to add guests to an existing booking.

Q. Can we have individual billing?

A. Individual billing is not available at this time.  Please arrange payments within your group and have your group leader make your reservation using our online reservation system.  Accepted methods of payment are credit card or paypal.  

Q. Can I reserve a date without booking?

A. No, to reserve a cabin you must make your reservation with full payment using our online reservation system.

Q.  What if I want to purchase add-on items while I'm at the lodge?

A.  Additional purchases for merchandise or alcohol can be purchased on-site with CHECK (no cash is kept on-site for change).  *If possible, do your best to add these items while making your reservation online (prior to your visit).

Q.  Do I need to bring soap or a towel?

A.  Yes!  You will need to pack both a towel & soap for showers.  Premium extra large bath towels are now available at $5 per person per stay!

Q.  Is there really no electrical outlets?

A.  Really, there is no electricity.  We are completely off the grid.  Enjoy being unplugged.  Bring a flashlight!

Q. Can I fill my water bottle?

A. Yes, there is safe drinking water at the Lodge. The water spigot is located at the sink near the managers quarters.

Q.  How do I stay warm in the winter?

A.  Cabins are heated with a wood burning stove & warm blankets are provided for full service guests.


Q.  Can you accommodate gluten free, lactose free  or allergy specific meals?

A.  Unfortunately no, we cannot accommodate gluten free, lactose free or allergy specific meals.  All meals are prepared & served family style.

Q.  Are vegetarian options available?

A.  Yes, vegetarian meals can be prepared, but will include eggs.  This will be determined by what is on hand or in season.  To order a vegetarian meal, specify in the notes during the booking process.


Q. What is provided with horse stall rental?

A.  Accommodations include: stall, hay, shavings & bucket.  Stables must be cleaned before checkout.  Dirty stalls will result in an additional $15 fee per stall.  (A current negative coggins test is required)

*** Full pellet grain/molasses free feed only, due to the bear population.***

Q. Do you offer horse rides or lessons?

A. No, we do not have horses at the lodge.  We have horse stables for guests visiting on horseback.


 Q.  Where do I park?

A.  In the parking lot.  There are two lots at the end of Fork Ridge Rd.  One for hikers/bikers and one for horses.

 Q.  Can I arrange for transportation to the lodge?

A.  No, we are a back country lodge only accessible by hiking, biking or horseback.  


Q. What is the smoking policy?

A. No smoking is allowed in any of the buildings or on any of the porches. Remember you are in a remote wilderness area and all buildings are made of wood. The Lodge has limited firefighting capabilities, so please use caution when extinguishing cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

 Q. Are pets allowed?

A. Yes, well trained dogs are allowed at $5 per dog, per night.  The National Park Service enforces a leash law. Pets are not allowed in the dining hall or in the beds.  Please clean up after your pet around the lodge.

Q.  How do I cancel my booking?

A.  E-mail to cancel your booking & include your full name and booking ID if possible.  Please see POLICIES page for full cancellation policy and related fees.


Q. What is there to do?

A. Take a hike, bike or horseback.  Play horse  shoes, corn hole or bocce ball.  Bird watch.  Hunt mushrooms.  Roast s'mores over an open fire.  Tell a story or two.  View sunset/sunrise from the overlook or Twin Arches.  Soak your seat in the creek.  Take an interpretive history tour.  Stargaze.  Relax & unwind.  The Lodge provides games and reading materials. 


Have you read the FAQ above?  The most commonly asked questions are answered here.  If not, the  information you are inquiring about might be found in the content of our informative website.  If you don't find an answer to your question, please contact us.   We look forward to seeing you at the lodge!

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